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OCTA Director Calls for OnTrac Management Overhaul

A struggling rail project in Placentia that is at least $10.7 million in arrears might be required to replace its management to qualify for emergency funding from the Orange County Transportation Authority& Denis R. Bilodeau, an OCTA board member, said he will request an overhaul of OnTrac's management as a condition of a $5.6-million loan the rail agency is seeking& The $500-million OnTrac project, which is a joint-powers agency set up by the city, calls for putting new crossings at 11 busy streets and placing tracks below ground level in a concrete trench to increase train speed and safety& OnTrac has been stung by the delay and potential loss of $11 million in state funds, and by criticism from community activists that it has overspent on private consultants who are unrelated to engineering and construction.

Source: LA Times